Punchy press releases that get results, words for websites, articles, newsletter text, case studies, covering letters and blog posts. Your words will flow and your message will come across exactly as you want it to. Don't jeopardise your image or first-rate idea with shoddy text.  Get that professional edge. 


Editing is THE key to great text whether that's for a book, report, website, blog, business plan or pitch, brochure, leaflet, letter or essay.  We will treat your text with loving care to ensure your words flow.  We zap grammatical errors, ambiguities, clumsy sentences and poor word choices, check that your words don't contravene libel laws and make your writing 'voice' sparkle. Your style will be consistent and your words will read easily and naturally. 


Giving your words that essential once-over before they go to print or you press the 'send' icon. Proofing your own work is hard. You need an experienced proofreader to give your words that final polish. Sue Becker provides a respected Academic Proofreading service for students.  


We will explore new avenues for you to pursue and research organisations that could help you. Fact finding service and compilation of press and marketing lists.